The program consists of twenty hours per week of group sessions, individual sessions, family sessions, and other structured therapeutic activities. Seminars and lectures help clients with recovery skills such as assertiveness training, money management, parenting, leisure activities, communication, social skills, healthy relationships, HIV prevention, daily living skills, job placement, and more.

This program assures that clients develop and array of independent community resources and a network of 12 Step support in the community. Ongoing educational possibilities are pursued as a means of greater earning power and job satisfaction. Clients in this program get a chance to "test out" their newly learned skills every day in their work, school, and living environments and assess and discuss the results with peers and staff. Thus making this a very potent laboratory for positive change.

Advancement to regular Outpatient treatment is dependent on accomplishing the following:

  • Accomplishment of a proscribed percentage of their treatment plan goals.
  • Continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol.
  • Establishment of a sound recovery and resource network.
  • Readiness for more independent living in the larger community.
  • Development of a realistic plan for continuing treatment and "life after discharge", which must be approved by the treatment team.

Capacity: 55

Average Length of Stay: 3-5 months