Next Step - Program

Project Name: Better Way NEXT STEP Program

Project Address: 13390 NE 6TH Avenue, NMB,  FL 33161

Program Description: As the initial phases of Better Way’s ‘Continuum of Care’, this six month Supportive Housing Program provides a solid foundation for the dual diagnosed to begin their recovery journey. During Intensive Residential (2 mos.) a complete range of assessments (medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, nutritional, vocational, etc.) evaluate areas to be addressed in treatment. Full day (7AM-5PM) programs and evening meetings begin to educate, support, break down denial and adapt to a recovery lifestyle. In Intensive OP (Day/Night- 4 mos.), clients continue to live in BW housing and attend 20 hours of programming/ week when not working or going to school.  Lectures, skills training, individual and group therapy help clients to learn, gain significant insight and make lasting and meaningful change in all areas.

Goals and Objectives:  GOAL:  To return clean, sober, productive and responsible individuals to the larger community through the most effective, caring and cost efficient use of Better Way and other community resources. The program will assist persons exiting to permanent housing. To help individuals with maintaining or increasing their total income and/or obtaining employment as of program exit.  To support persons who achieved greater self-determination by maintaining mental stability and reduced episodes of hospitalization measured at program exit.  Persons will achieve greater self-determination by active participation in individualized service plan measured at program exit.

Program Eligibility Requirements: Must be 18 years of age with a primary DSM of substance abuse and mental diagnosis; able and willing, physically and mentally, to participate in the program; fully detoxified from alcohol/drugs.

Number of Clients and Population Served: Better Way will serve a static capacity of 16 persons. A percentage of the individuals in the program will meet the criteria as “chronically homeless”. The population to be served includes single males & females who are homeless, indigent, addicted/dually diagnosed.

Hours of Operation: The NEXT STEP Program operates 24 hours/day, seven days/week. Information on the program can be obtained at the main facility. Better Way of Miami, Inc. is located at 800 NW 28th Street, Miami, Florida 33127. The phone number is 305 634-3409.